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ADONAI: The Power of Worship from the Land of Israel

ADONAI: The Power of Worship from the Land of Israel

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ADONAI, the internationally acclaimed Messianic worship classic now presents a new sonic experience with a spectacular remastered edition. Blending English and Hebrew, ADONAI weaves modern world music with the history and the culture of Israel, taking you on a journey of powerful worship. ADONAI was the first album ever recorded by believers in the Land of Israel with a 160-nation distribution and features Paul Wilbur, Karen Davis, Barry & Batya Segal and many others.Recorded on the first Year of Jubilee celebrated in over 2000 years, ADONAI is literally the Word of the Lord going forth from Zion in the form of music (Isaiah 2:3). The Father longs for His children to know Him, who He is, and by the names that describe His character. Only then, can we more "fully trust in the name of the Lord and rely on (your) God" (Isaiah 50:10). "And those who know Thy name will put their trust in Thee; for Thou O Lord has not forsaken those who seek Thee." (Psalm 9:10) The Names Of God series was designed for this very reason. You'll discover through Scripture and Song God's character as revealed through this great collection. Knowing God's name provides the foundation for understanding who He really is.


Sample Title Duration
Aaronic Benediction (Birkat haCohenim) 0:56
Arise And Shine (Kumi Ori) 4:07
Praise The Lord (Hal'lu et Adonai) 3:19
The Sanctification (HaKedushah) 1:28
Holy (Kadosh) 4:57
Come, Spirit Of God (Bo, Ruach Elohim) 4:59
The Lord Of Hosts (Adonai Tz'va'ot) 4:39
Rejoice Daughter Of Zion (Roni Bat Tziyon) 4:12
Hear O Israel (Shema) 1:36
Who Is Like You, Lord? (Mi Kamocha Adonai?) 4:16
Give Thanks To The Lord (Hodu La'Adonai) 4:17
Wonderful Savior (Moshienu HaNifla) 4:37
The Hope - Israel's National Anthem (HaTikvah) 3:11
The Year Of Jubilee (Shnat HaYovel) 5:50
The-Covenant-Psalms-105_7,-8-(HaBrit) 1:09